Why Would I Require the Services of a Career Coach? I Work in Higher Education!

If you work in higher education, you are probably already a successful person with a good notion of where you want to go in life. Graduate education is required for teaching roles, and many administrative positions need at least a master’s degree.

You’re also surrounded by many resources, such as knowledgeable coworkers, supervisors, and even students who may inspire and drive you. Teaching and advising are activities that stimulate both your spirit and your mind. You are reminded of your purpose on a regular, if not daily, basis, and you probably have more opportunities than others to pursue your academic and professional interests.

So, why would you require the services of a career coach? Aren’t you clever enough to look after yourself? Can’t you connect with many individuals who can assist you and will not charge you a fee?

The responses tilt toward a case against hiring a professional coach on several levels. However, these answers are based on a cursory review of your life and career and a certain amount of buy-in to various stereotypes and expectations society places on being a faculty member.

If you dig a bit further, you could find some very compelling reasons to Graduate career coaching

To begin with, hiring a coach says nothing about your intellectual capacity. Many clever individuals work with coaches to help them stay accountable, establish work/life balance, and create and accomplish personal and professional objectives. Prominent CEOs hire coaches. Corporations are no exception. Indeed, many businesses are engaging in-house coaches to assist their staff in becoming more pleased with their lives and professions and more balanced in their lives.

Second, it is true that you have friends, coworkers, a supervisor, and students who are willing to assist and support you. But can these folks give you the time and personal attention you require? Will they prioritise your achievement over their own or the department’s or institution’s needs? Will they encourage your personal and professional growth even if it means leaving your employment, your colleagues and students, or the institution? Will they keep your problems, hopes, and objectives private? Will they keep you accountable for reaching your goals, or do they have their concerns?

Getting a coach is an excellent method to examine your aspirations, objectives, and even your barriers. It’s an investment in your long-term prosperity. It’s also a fantastic method to keep yourself accountable for meeting your goals and achieving them.